Withdrawn EP

by Criminal Hygiene

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I Have No Friends says:
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I Have No Friends says: Funzerz.
I love this album because having records like this in my collection gives me permission to think of myself as a caste-appropriate, brooding reflective with an itch for the callow abandon of a demographied contemporary populace.
Like I said: Funzerz. Favorite track: Withdrawn.
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released February 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Criminal Hygiene Los Angeles, California

uptown slick cruise sailor crackers stuck under freeway overpasses drinking chords and shitting cranberries... LA, CA c. 2012

for licensing inquiries please contact csmith@rollogrady.com

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Track Name: Withdrawn
greyscale dawn,
plastic cups on my lawn,
empty but the rain,
i'm still drinking,
in the hope that your thinking,
of doing just the same.
my friends are in jail,
and the beer's gone stale,
but somehow i can smile,
in this room,
i'll pick up a broom,
and sweep away this time.

from everything and everyone.

my pockets have holes,
and so do my soles,
walking from the bar,
i'm still singing,
in the hopes that your bringing,
your face to the show,
my friends have been there,
so what do i care,
if the break has yet to come,
in this state,
i'm looking for a checkmate,
to rationalize spent time.

but when i'm sitting in this colonial place,
i can relax and enjoy my own space.

from everything and everyone.
Track Name: Sold in the City
wake up early,
sleep walking to the train,
headache from the last night,
40 ounce for the pain,
every fucker in penn,
they're all the same, all the same,
but who am i to say?
i dont know, i dont know.

i dont know,
i'm going somewhere,
but have nothing to show yet,
avoiding the grind,
unsure what i'm trying to find.

subway to 4th street,
tripping 6th avenue,
heading to the bar,
almost hit by car,
every fucker downtown,
trying to sell something,
aren't we all?
i dont know i dont know,

time for the gig,
no one showed what the fuck,
drunk and broke,
i guess we need another round,
when does it end,
when did we start?
to stay or depart?
i dont know i dont know